Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Horrible Bats!!!!!!!!!!

it's almost Halloween and today i went to a pumpkin patch...this is my favorite thing to do in life..i will tell you why...

Halloween is the only time of year where no one looks at you weird when you talk about how haunted your mind is... they think you are being "seasonal" or something...ha! little do they know i am totally fucking bonkers!!!!!!

Picking out my perfect pumpkin meshes my aesthetic obsessions with some real talk o.c.d.... the possibilities are endless.. you can wander around in a daze comparing and contrasting shape texture size color etc... and you get filthy ...so you need to wash your hands a billion times ..jack pot!!!!

so this pumpkin patch i went to had: emus, a lama, rams, goats chickens turkeys rabbits and a whole bunch of other stinky and sweet farm animals..including this nice cow named "drinky"! (click photo to enlarge)

i was in heaven! i bought a emu egg for $5 which i considered quite the bargain.... but the thing that really impressed me was these horrible bats.... H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E!

apparently this was inspirational to others because later i was told by a loved one (and i quote) "you have a bonfire behind both eyes and horrible bats in the attic" thanks jerk!

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Mister Magic said...

I am so jealous- i want to go.

i love emus. I met a baby one at work.

wait aren't their eggs an bluer color????