Thursday, March 18, 2010

can you freeze cheese

i have spent the last few days having really bad times on the phone. i keep having awkward conversations and hanging up with a bad taste in my mouth. i really and truly hate the phone but for some reason i am finding myself on it soooo soooo soooo much. can't i just see you and tell you all of the things i have to say? i have so many facial gestures that you are missing when the phone is involved. and forget it if someone is in a bad mood and you are talking to them on "the devils tin can" everything gets fucked and you might as well go bob for razor blades. i quit. write me a letter. come over. or send someone with a telegram... i wish it was easier to say words into a machine.


Anonymous said...

I tried saying hi to you, but forgot your name. You didn't recognize me.....meh.

StaticInvasion said...

I tried saying hi, but didn't remember your name. Oops.

Friends Forever said...

who are you anonymous person?
how did you know i am inside of this blog?
this is a mysterious happening i would like solve....clue me!