Sunday, July 26, 2009

contents of my sewing box

A whole mess of vintage buttons too ugly to use that I kept because I liked the 1940's design of the cards they came attached

5 skeins "moth-proof" mending yarn in assorted shades of gray.

About 50 sewing needles of various sizes still attached to cards.

About 50 more sewing needles floating around loose on the bottom of the box.

Several dozen vintage cardboard bobbins of various sizes, none of which my machine takes, fully wound with silk thread of various colors.

One large tangled mass of trim items so individually hideous (lime green rickrack, purple lace, insipid floral appliques, red sequin strands, etc) that I have never found any adequate reason to untangle it.

One pair of orange-handled sewing scissors labeled "FABRIC ONLY!!!" to discourage household scissor-thieves.

One pair of identical scissors labeled "HAIRBRUSH" in order to otherwise confound same.

An aspirin tin with some nails and crumbs of weed in it.

Three small plastic animals (elk, ram, bull).

17 marbles

Several tools absent-mindedly pressed into my hands by my grandmother while cleaning out her own sewing box, which I have yet to determine the function of.

I tried to plug in my sewing machine earlier but couldn't find an appropriate extension cord.