Sunday, July 5, 2009

this is part of the problem....IN LIFE!

i spent the afternoon being harassed by my mother and my x-boyfriend from j.r you people know what that's like????  i hope not!!!!...clearly i am insane because i allowed this to happen.. my mother hates me and LOOOOOVES the x- boyfriend..... the two of them together suck my will to exist in this world.... it was a entire afternoon of them hating my face out loud as i cooked food for them... i was invited over... apparently to do work and be the butt of a lot of jokes and cherry pit throwing..i'm pretty proud of myself for not filleting any humans.... i know that they thought it was all in good fun.. but by the time i got home i wanted to dissolve my bones in a bath of acid and continue the rest of my life as a brain seeking zombie.....  next time something seems like a good idea to me..i will just slam my hand in the silverware drawer then take a nap...this plan will keep me out of a lot of trouble... hopefulllllly


Crystal Lil said...

that's fucking awful. come to my house!! you're an honored citizen there.

friends forever or until i give up humans all together. said...

thank beeejeezus i will be there in 2 days

Hank Cameron Ewing said...

you can come cook at my house and i will shower you with love and say only nice things to you.