Monday, June 15, 2009

hip hop teen trannies

ok...can we talk about something for a minute here? Teens (like my teen dream boy friend lil king) are using the word boi to talk about biological "cool swaggy hard  hip hoppy" dudes are- like- all- "holla at your boi".... news flash to all teens that live life as the gender they were born: that is not your word. you are a boy. give the trannies their boi time.. and then explain to me what swagggg means..cuz i want to know so i can be close to you.
 by the way....this photo is fucking brilliant! it's from his myspace says "da mike booth"
i guess when you are 16 you can use paint tape.. a hanger and a jizz sock to make your rap studio.... i'm inspired.... keep an eye out for my version.... freestyles will follow....beware!


Crystal Lil said...

I freestyle all the fucking time

Crystal Lil said...

it helps me deal with things

friends forever or until i give up humans all together. said...

Meeee toooooo!!!! i see a rap group in our future

Mister Magic said...

post more freestyles!!!!!