Saturday, June 27, 2009

NEWS: anything and everything that has ever happened or will happen is weird

deal with it.


Crystal Lil said...

Will you cut my hair for me?

friends forever or until i give up humans all together. said...

duh. duh. duh. your last hair cut was the vehicle for one of the greatest scissor compliments i have ever received... you said nice things to my hands and now i will cut your hair whenever you beckon..... IF YOU MAKE SNACKS....

mister magic said...

so i was at a stop light listening to girl talk with the windows rolled down this morning, and this guy said "nice vehicle" and i awkwardly replied "uhh thanks" and he then pulled up closer, winked, smiled and said-- "and you are a thing of beauty"


and then he followed me until i turnded into the bank parking lot. i hate when people i know give me compliments, let alone strangers. can't deal with it.

would have felt better if he were cute???

PS- have you heard the guy who makes music under the name Weird Tapes. Cause that's his artwork with the zany new age bears.

i HATE the alien picture on his myspace.