Saturday, June 20, 2009

i can't open my e mail so i'm using our blog to send you a that weird?

Crystal Lil,
why can't i open my e-mail right now? is it because i ate 200 cookies for lunch AND dinner? yes. but here is the point of the story. i am going to call you tomorrow... sorry i keep missing your you know i have a habit of throwing my phone into large (and small) bodies of water... and /or setting fire to it...also being afraid of the sound of ringing...  but we have important things to discuss .. like pizza, feminism, mental problems, boys, cats who like to be stored in bags for fun, lady masking, hazardous hobbies and baking tips.... so expect a call..... and all the rest of you reading this.... mind your own business....  love always, friends forever 


Crystal Lil said...

here's what I'm doing tomorrow:

hanging dry wall (blehhhh)

baking a strawberry rhubarb pie for a pagan potluck summer solstice picnic

then I'm gonna go watch our friend Joe dj cassingles and drunkenly demand that he play Ice Cube songs that he already played but I didn't notice.

Talking to you on the phone!!! Basically I'm going to continue phone stalking you tomorrow. if you don't answer I'll leave haunted voicemails...have you seen "Drag Me To Hell" yet??? Think about it.

Crystal Lil said...


friends forever or until i give up humans all together. said...

why the shit are you up at 6:15 am?

Crystal Lil said...

Actually it was 3:15, and I'm a complicated person.

Crystal Lil said...

New York is not the center of the universe you know!!!