Monday, April 20, 2009

come on feel the noise (the syndrome)

it's no secret that i love loud noise... as a kid my dad would play me his favorite records and when his "jam" would come on he would turn it up really loud ..  he was in a state of total joy... it was contagious..... really.  

as a teenager i only liked bands that had loud loud sounds and singers with loud loud mouths... my family would tease me by constantly yelling the chorus to one of my morning wake up songs ( i would play it at 7 am to get me pumped for school) it went like this: I WAAANT TO KILLLL YOU....CUT YOU UP ...GOUGE OUT YEEER EYYYYES" i was awarded a pair of headphones soon after this became a daily routine... 

i also remember so distinctly.. the moment i put on one of my favorite records for the first time.... the song starts off with an intense loud drum extravaganza... it literally felt like the drums were kicking right to my heart meat.

so this "love of loud" has been a constant force in my life .... and it doesn't apply to just music.... i currently reside in a place full of loud sounds... at any given moment 5 car alarms will be blaring, trucks with outside speakers boasting mariachi music, dudes getting in arguments in languages i don't understand while babies are crying and horns are honking... and i love it.. i guess "alive" the best way to describe the way i feel when i am in the middle of noise. i have an emotional connection to (what i like to call) "passionate sound" 
i have been known to get misty eyed when a particularly insane loudness occurs... it makes my  mind feels so real.... is what i know considering all of this information i just gave you....  I MIGHT BE AUTISTIC... ok, maybe not. but i kinda wish i had this syndrome i just read about (or maybe i already do!)

... here is what the internet told me about EXPLODING HEAD SYNDROME!!!!!

Exploding head syndrome is a rare condition that causes the sufferer to occasionally experience a tremendously loud noise as if from within his or her own head, usually described as an explosion or a roar.

                     Usually, it’s described as a loud bang, a clash of cymbals or a bomb exploding. The problem is,      most of the patients can’t even realize they have exploding head syndrome and won’t go to doctor.

color me jealous

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