Wednesday, April 22, 2009

my isolation station or.. just a little better than wicked

i walk around all day long saying shit that makes sense to no one but me... if you know me well  you might be able to pick up some sort of information... that may or may-not be useful( in taking over the world).

 this could  include a number of weirdnsses such as: i ask you to pass me something...we are both looking at the item-let's say it's a sharp knife- and i say "can you hand me the laundry basket?"  i know it's a sharp knife... and i know what i want to do with it...sexxxxxy  but for some reason laundry basket comes out and i am too lazy and uninterested to correct my mouth..

this also applies to made up words... which i use for any and all circumstances -example- we are at the spring fling dance - you (dylan mckay) ask me to slow dance and i say "meep"  do you know what that means? well buddy... you better figure it out...QUICK.    or we are both hungry and you ask what we should have for dinner..again "meep".... so what are you gunna do now playa'???

then there is my constant reference to things that mean a lot to me..but sadly no one else... like- i'm at the grocery store and they don't have bok choy.. and i say "oh..the trouble with mimi" DO YOU GET THAT? no, i didn't think so... 

or if we are hanging out and you can't find your keys right before we leave  to go to the county fair and i say "bob, bob,we'll find your drugs bob, we'll  find them" does that make sense to you? huh? does it?

so now i am rounding the bend to my long winded point... there are a few glimmering moments when a person will know what i'm beaking around about... or i will stumble upon a friend or stranger taking notice of  an overlooked jem that i hold dear to my heart...  when these moments occur i fell  less  like a rubber band and more like a living rubber band. 

the moral of this story is:  mr. wineburger, dawn davenport is eating a meatball sandwich  right out in class....... y'all get me now...right????


Crystal Lil said...

next time you come down we should hang out under that bridge in pink bathrobes.

friends forever or until i give up humans all together. said...

it's on! can i have a beehive and a "bad attitude?"

Crystal Lil said...

Well, it depends.....I BETTER GET THEM CHA-CHA HEELS!!!!!!!!

friends forever or until i give up humans all together. said...

i hate my parents