Tuesday, April 14, 2009

like all good jews... i love easter

so.. as i understand it ..easter is about jesus being a haunted ghost zombie... how can i NOT love it... throw in egg crafts and outdoor hunting.... i am sooooo in! 

 i made eggs that reminded me of my youth... broken windows.

you crack the shell before you put it in the dye..leave it for a few minutes...and when you peel it.... surprise! it will cost you $500 to replace!  perfect.

with all of my beautiful eggs  i made a yummy dish that i like to call "juvenile delinquent egg salad"  isn't it pretty?

this is my easter gift. I have been eyeing it for weeks...and now it's all mine! it's a green rat ring with a flashlight as the nose... i love it so much!!!! thanks jesus... for never giving up.


Crystal Lil said...

Oh my god was it one year ago I was lecturing you about how it's time to grow up and accept your lord? Where is our life going?? What IS life??

friends forever or until i give up humans all together. said...

it makes me think of the song "master of puppets"... more on that soon.....