Thursday, April 9, 2009

now i'm bloggin'!!!

1. ein riesiges Deutsh kaninchen..ganz verbindlich

2. I heard on tv that modern american life is really stressful because we all have to have jobs.. and when we get off work we have to make calls, cook dinner, walk the dog, go to "meetings" and program electronics ...and if you have kids you have to look at them and do a whole shit-load of things to make sure they don't end up like me's enough to make a gal (or chap) go batty from stress!

 here is my tip for you: take  more time to slow down and notice the tiny beautiful details of life.  choose a montra and repeat it while you are breathing deeply.. i like to do it with a plastic bag over my head.. 
here is a photo from a "my time" walk i took yesterday to the park. I was calmly repeating :fuck this earth... and look what i found..

3. no one has more fun than us.....look at what a good time we are having... 

at an abandoned ,haunted small pox hospital 

...or totally living it up (we are so WILD!) at the times square duane reade ...  CRAZY TIME!
(photo deleted because you don't need to look at our faces-jerk!)

4. snack time ya' heard:
you could eat this:  
or..oh my god this: french fry sandwich and deep fried beets.... you know how we do.
5. we are really into peace while we vacation. I like to promote peace while i totally kick back in a new place... it helps me show the locals who i really am... i spend a lot of time bumming around public rest rooms and cooling out in the grocery stores toothbrush isle. peace in the middle east.

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